Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I receive my vendor list(s) and/or guide? Upon purchase of your product(s), we will send an email containing a link to your attachments.

     *You are allowed 3 download attempts per attachment before your your download link expires. Please save files to a device immediately after opening from email link. For any issues with download please Contact Us! In some instances, the download may be sent to the spam or junk folder of your email. 

  2. Are these vendors exclusive? These vendor lists serve as a beginner’s list/guide for securing vendors for any fashion boutique startup. Vendor selection can be an intimidating and daunting task for new business owners. It is our intent to help alleviate some of that burden by compiling a list of trusted vendors. This vendor list was designed with the inexperienced entrepreneur in mind.
  3. Are these vendors verified? Our definition of “verified” is the assumption that we have purchased merchandise from these vendors. Unfortunately, we have not. However, we have taken the time to vet these vendors for quality, legitimacy, and customer friendliness. We also perform periodic audits to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within the vendor lists
  4. Are any vendors located in the domestic USA? Yes! A majority of our vendors are either located in the domestic USA or operate a USA warehouse.
  5. Do any vendors offer drop-ship? Yes, more than 50% of our vendors offer drop-ship services. Many of them offer both drop-ship and bulk-sale (wholesale).
  6. What is your refund/exchange policy? Due to the sensitive nature of the data provided, all sales are final after purchase.
  7. Do you use actual vendor images on this website? Yes!
  8. Do these vendors require a business license in order to do business with them? Many of them do and if this is the case it will be listed under the “Proof of Business” section of your vendor list.
  9. Does the list include direct contact information (i.e. phone, email, fax) for the vendor? No, however, many vendors prefer to be contacted via a customer service email located on the website.
  10. Do any of the vendors offer Plus Size apparel? Yes! Mainly for women’s fashion.
  11. Do any of the vendors offer Men's clothes/shoes? Yes! We’ve got them covered too. How about children? We have vendors for them as well!