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Looking to start your e-commerce fashion store/boutique? Look no further! Our “The Preferred List” includes 50+ drop-ship and wholesale vendors that feature the top 3 most profitable vendor types (apparel, shoes, and accessories.) Start your business with all the hottest and trendy items that will keep your competition on their toes!


What’s included in your purchase?

  • Vendor List: This is a PDF of vendors in your selected industry. We have included 11 categories of data in your list that we believe is crucial to the vendor selection process. These are:
    1. Market
    2. Industry
    3. Location of Vendor
    4. Supplier Type (Drop-ship or Wholesale)
    5. Required Subscription? (Drop-ship only)
    6. Required Minimum Purchase? (Wholesale only)
    7. Proof of Business? (Is Business License, Re-seller's Permit…etc. required?)
    8. Estimated Standard Delivery Time for products
    9. Shipping Method (Blind ship, Private Label- drop-ship only).
    10. Merchandise Return Period (Return/Exchange Policy)
    11. Average Review from Web (How customers rate the vendor.
  • Faddishi Vendor List Guide: This includes 11 important elements for choosing the right vendor. It also breaks down each component to give you a better understanding of how we composed the data within your list. That’s not all. We have also included 12 FREE general store drop-ship/wholesale vendors to help you make the right market and product selection.
See our FAQs page for additional important information including our return/exchange policy.