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Fashion Dropship Vendor List

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Our “Fashion Dropship Vendor List” include 50+ dropship vendors that offer the hottest merchandise for all your e-commerce fashion needs! This list spans across areas of apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty, health, and much more!

What’s included in your purchase?

  • Vendor List: This is a PDF of vendors in your selected industry. We have included 13 categories of data in your list that we believe is crucial to the vendor selection process. These are:
    1. Market: The type of sector the company is selling its merchandise in.
    2. Industry: The types of products offered by the company
    3. Location: City, state, or country that the company is located and/or warehouse merchandise is being shipped from.
    4. Affiliate?: Business model type
    5. Dropship?: Business model type
    6. Wholesale?: Business model type
    7. Subscription Required? (Dropship only): Does the seller require paid membership.
    8. Minimum Purchase Required? (Wholesale only): Is a minimum order quantity required.
    9. Proof of Business?: Is a business license, reseller’s permit…etc. required.
    10. Estimated Standard Us Delivery Time: Estimated time customers will receive merchandise within USA.
    11. Shipping Method (Dropship only): Does the company offer blind ship, private label, or both.
    12. Merchandise Return Period: Company return/exchange policy.
    13. Average Review from Web: How customers rate the vendor on the web.
  • Faddishi Vendor List Guide: This includes 13 important elements for choosing the right vendor. It also breaks down each component to give you a better understanding of how we composed the data within your list. That’s not all. We have also included 12 FREE general store dropship/wholesale vendors to help you make the right market and product selection.
    See our FAQs page for additional important information including our return/exchange policy.