One Simple Instagram Growth Strategy, That Works!

One Simple Instagram Growth Strategy, That Works!

These days everyone is looking for an Instagram growth strategy to consistently implement. Social media marketing has become a must in order to help establish an online brand presence as well as drive customers to your business. With periodic changes in Instagram’s algorithm, it seems harder than ever to grow a decent following unless you’re a celebrity or famous influencer. Not to mention the crowed ad space as small businesses can often time be drowned out by larger ones who can afford to get more exposure.
Nonetheless, it’s not completely impossible to grow your new small business on social media. You’ll just need a large dump trump full of money for ads or consistency and hard work. If you do not possess the latter, here are a few steps to a guaranteed Instagram growth strategy that will get you followers instantly! 

Step 1: Conduct Research for Instagram Hashtags

First off, you’ll need to research Instagram hashtags that lead to accounts that host social media networking opportunities. The #tagyourbusiness Instagram hashtag is a great place to find these accounts. We have also found networking opportunities under #supportsmallbusiness and #promoteyourbusiness. The key to social media networking is to find profiles that consistently host these opportunities; and will allow you to promote your business. You will be able to spot accounts that host these networking opportunities rather easy as they will have a re-occurring post theme under the hashtag (see below).

This shows that the account is relatively consistent with its posting. Visit the account with the most occurring theme as circled above. If you have determined that the account with the #tagyourbusiness posts is indeed consistent (i.e. weekly), follow the account and turn on the notifications. The larger their following the better! 

Step 2: It's Networking Time!

As soon as you get that notification, save the post and aim to be one of the first ones to introduce yourself and your business. It will be very helpful to already have your message crafted and saved. Be clear and concise when introducing your business and what you offer and try not to make your intro too lengthy. It won't hurt to throw in any promos that you currently have either. Include a message of support at the end as a way to make a genuine connection with other followers (i.e. “I wish everyone much success on whatever it is that you want to achieve!”). 

Step 3: Like, Comment on, and Follow Other Profiles in the Thread

Throughout the day, you are going to be revisiting this thread to like, comment on, and follow new profiles. A  good rule of thumb is to like/comment at least 5 posts on the individual's profile. Try to practice a like to comment ratio of about 4:1. Although it is good to network with a variety of accounts, you must also BE STRATEGIC! Focus on accounts that are within your niche and/or can help elevate your business. Even more, target those that can be potential customers and follow up with a direct message with a more detailed introduction of your business (that’s why it’s important to know who your customers are!) 

Step 4: Notify Profiles That you are Following Them


Return to the thread and reply to the individual's comment to notify them that you are following them. A simple "following" will do. Repeat this process on every profile that you like and/or comment on. However, do not be obsessive or spam accounts. Instagram has limited likes, comments, direct messages and follows that a person can have per hour and within an entire day. If you want to be proactive, get a sense of the time that each account publish their #tagyourbusiness post. Set a reminder on your phone so that you are among the first to post. Be sure to have your introduction constructed and ready to go!

Overall Strategic Business Plan

Whew! That may seem like a lot of work but you'll definitely get the hang of it and become more consistent once your following starts to grow. Not sure you've noticed but, you have just completed a strategy for a distribution channel within your FREE business strategy canvas.
And there you have it!  A proven Instagram growth strategy that is guaranteed to get you instant results.

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